New Prices effective December 1st!

Dear valued Customer
We have to inform you that we will have a price increase for effective immediately.
Over the past 3 years we did not change our prices, although the overall costs were driven higher by a difficult situation caused by COVID and War in Ukraine.
Labor costs as well as energy and raw material costs rose exponentially at times and are still at a higher level as in the past.
Due to a strict resources saving policy, a forward looking planning and investment in alternative energy, as well as some cuts in own margins, we were able to keep prices for the hardest period.
We did not want to raise prices in such a difficult situation in the overall economy.
Given that the inflation rate in Germany has risen by 16% in the last three years, we must now finally increase our prices by 4.5% with immediate effect, which is a  necessary step to continue to guarantee our service and quality with our commitment to the Made in Germany.
Sure that you understand this step and see that we tried to keep stabile our prices of the complete line over the hard times in the past years, we are looking forward to a continued good and factive cooperation .