General Sales Terms

1. General Shipping Terms

Delivery will be free of our warehouse, including freight charges.

In the European Community we normally ship with GLS, outside of it with DHL/Airmail.

All freight charges (including packing and insurance) will be invoiced.

You can also choose another shipping method (e.g. UPS, DHL, FedEx,…), if you have an own account. In this case we will only charge our packing, handling and invoicing costs.

2. General Payment Terms

  • Our standard payment term is: “Cash in Advance”

No minimum Order: but for orders with less than 300 € value outside of the EU, we do accept only Credit Card payments.

For Orders within the EU, there is no minimum Order Value.

We will fax you the Pro-Forma invoice, with all actual bank account.

The goods are packed and ready to ship! Eventual additions can be made, but will be treated as a new order!

Disadvantage: We wait until the money is credited on our account.

  • Payment with Credit Card

You can pay with Credit Card, without any Minimum Order. Please send us an Email or Fax of your Credit Card (VISA or Eurocard/Mastercard), showing the number, as well as the expiring date, the name of the Owner. And the back of the card.

Advantage: Same day shipping

Disadvantage: Additional 3% charge for CC payments.

  • Payment with PayPal

You can pay with PayPal, without any Minimum Order. Please send us an Email with your PayPal account/Email or send the payment after the request to , showing the Invoice Number

Advantage: Same day shipping

Disadvantage: Additional 3% charge for PayPal payments.

  • Open Account

If you have an Open Account (normally only after internal approval) we won’t ship goods, if you have an open balance.

Automatically you will be served only by Cash in Advance or by payment with Credit Card.

All open balance will be charged with the actual interests in arrears.

3. Order Quantities – Sales Units

We do have sales units for selected products. If you order less then our minimum sales unit we will round ip to the next unit. As well if you order an uneven quantity: e.g. if you order 8 nocks we will ship 12, if you order 25 nocks we will ship 36 nocks.

Concerning nocks: Please be aware that our standard sales unit is 100 pcs.! We do have also nocks in dozens, but we will charge a surcharge per delivered dozen!

4. Prices

All prices in our price list and in the webshop can change without notice!

The valid price is the invoiced price!

5. Returns

Returns are generally not accepted. Please contact us if you have any questions.

6. Warranty

Please contact us for any warranty issue.